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Our Mission:

The primary purpose of the North Park Historical Society is to conduct research and educational outreach in order to facilitate preservation of North Park's cultural and architectural history.

When We Meet:

  • We generally meet the third Thursday of each month from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. For more information, including specific meeting location, please e-mail us at info@northparkhistory.org. The next regularly scheduled Board meeting open to the public will be August 16, 2012. Click here for the meeting agenda.
  • Please note that we will be holding our August 2012 meeting at the Clubhouse of the Balboa Tennis Club located at 2221 Morley Field Drive in the Morley Field part of Balboa Park.


Who We Are:



The North Park Historical Society was formed in March 2008. The group had formerly operated as the North Park Community Association (NPCA) History Committee, which started in 1988. The working committee was formed with the purpose of increasing people's awareness of the history that surrounds them in North Park, and to promote the preservation of North Park history. In doing so, the committee increased people's appreciation for North Park, and helped them to take pride in this particular place and to gain an increased sense of community. After 20 years of working as a committee, the group transitioned into the independent North Park Historical Society.

Since our official formation as an independent non-profit corporation in May 2008, we have conducted  highly successful Inaugural Historical Walking Tours of the Dryden District and the commercial core of historic North Park along University Avenue, have obtained  501c3 tax exempt status with the IRS, and have won an Award of Excellence for History from the City of San Diego Historical Resources Board for publication of our book on North Park's first 50 years, North Park: A San Diego Urban Village, 1896-1946 by the late Donald Covington.  Other activities include coordination of the Dryden District designation application with City staff, and many other exciting projects that are just getting underway.

September 2008 Update: The North Park Historical Society is pleased to announce we are open to supporting memberships! Your membership of $20 per household supports our activities to preserve North Park's cultural and architectural history.  Attached is the membership form.

The following is a brief summary of our accomplishments:

  • Research:
    • Acquisition of memories, photos and records pertaining to the two founding families of North Park: the Hartleys and Klickas
    • Recording of and copying of all pertinent land documents and newspaper articles important to the history of North Park
    • Taping of oral histories of long-time community citizens
    • Researching numerous resources for information regarding biographies, businesses, land development and interesting stories relating to the history of North Park
    • Indexing all North Park Community Association Newsletter articles

  • Education:
    • Publication of Once Upon A Time In North Park articles on the North Park Community Association website
    • Publication of two calendars featuring photos and history of North Park and University Heights in 1996 and 1997
    • Publication of articles in North Park News
    • Annual public lectures during Historic Preservation month (May)
    • Sponsored the Centennial Celebration of the founding of North Park
    • Conducted walking tours of North Park featuring the history of the business district and residential development

  • Advocacy:
    • Participated in the Greater Mid-City Historic Site Survey
    • Served on the Georgia Street Bridge committee

In May 2007, the History Committee completed a book on the first 50 years of North Park, entitled "North Park: A San Diego Urban Village, 1896 - 1946." This keepsake coffee table book has more than 90 historical photographs. It is available at many locations throughout North Park and at major San Diego bookstores.



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