Community Scrapbook

Below are some articles written by NPHS members that have appeared in local community newspapers. The first is an article on the Pekin Cafe which operated in North Park from 1931 until March of 2019, an incredible 88 years!

PastMatters-A Tribute to the Pekin Cafe for web

The second is an article on Joe Schloss, longtime North Park business owner and stalwart of North Park Little League who passed away in November 2015.

Joe Schloss, A North Park Icon by Katherine Hon, December 2015.

Grandchildren of Pear Pearson, a designated Master Builder in the City of San Diego, allowed NPHS to scan an early business ledger. The ledger compiles names of subcontractors and prices paid for materials and services for more than a dozen homes Pear Pearson built from 1924 to 1928, including several in the Burlingame Historic District in North Park.

Ledger complete reduced size

An article on the Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store Chain.

Grocery Stores and Piggies by Katherine Hon, October 2015

An article on North Park resident and film maker Joe Maestro.

Joe Maestro Making Film History by Pat Maestro, September 2015