Once Upon a Time in North Park Articles

When the History Committee of the North Park Community Association (NPCA) began almost 25 years ago, the intent was to write a book on the history of North Park. The Committee members began researching the history of the people, buildings and other aspects of the community that are all part of the history of North Park. To keep interest in the project, as people completed research on a topic, they would write an article that would appear in the NPCA newsletter and the articles began titled under the name “Once Upon a Time in North Park”. Eventually, much of the background information in those articles appeared in “North Park, A San Diego Urban Village 1896-1946” published in 2007. The History Committee of NPCA became a separate non-profit organization, the North Park Historical Society in 2008. The tradition of writing “Once Upon a Time in North Park” articles continues and articles on the post 1946 era will become the basis for another book on the history of North Park.

We have downloaded many of the articles onto this website and have organized them into categories to make it easier to search for articles.

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