Articles about Homes, Builders, and Subdivisions.

  1. The Cottage on Utah Street by Ed Orozco, October 2007
  2. You Never Know Until You Look, by Chuck and Sofia La Bella , June 2010
  3. Art Bowen’s House Adventures by Art Bowen, November 2010
  4. The Mary Mascal House of South Park by Hilda Neck-Yoder, January 2012
  5. University Heights Streetnames by Katherine Hon, January 2012
  6. CCRs and a Restricted Residential District, by Katherine Hon, March 2004
  7. When Homes were a Bargain, by Katherine Hon, July 2004
  8. The Richardson Barn on 31st Street, by Bill Vivian, June 2008
  9. If Walls Could Talk by Katherine Hon, November 2003
  10. Pauly’s Addition Subdivision by Katherine Hon, June 2007
  11. History of Pershing Drive, Karon Covington, September 2002
  12. Creation of the Pershing Portal, by Katherine Hon, June 2003
  13. Fireplace Tiles by Katherine Hon, August 2007
  14. Wireless Radio and Edward F. Bryans by Donald Covington, January 1995
  15. The Shirley Ann Place Historic District by University Heights Historical Society, February 2002
  16. The Planting of Palm Trees is Urged on Home Owners by Karon Covington, September 2000
  17. The Mediterranean Revival Style in North Park by Joey Perry, May 2000
  18. The Klicka Bungalo by Donald Covington, October 1995
  19. J.M. Highett and the Balboa Square Subdivision by Donald Covington, March 1995
  20. The Frary House by Joey Perry, January 1991

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