Burlingame, The Tract of Character, 1912-1929

Burlingame Book Cover

This charming book is a community history and self-guided architectural tour of the Burlingame neighborhood, a designated historic district south of Switzer Canyon, north of Juniper Street, and east of 30th Street in San Diego. The author and illustrator, Donald Covington, originally published the book in 1997, and it had been out of print for nearly a decade when the North Park Historical Society published a reprint with the permission of the Covington family in 2010. The book presents the story of 30 homes in the neighborhood, the history of the Burlingame Club, and a glossary of architectural terms. Twenty homes are illustrated with the author’s unique sketches. The book also provides background on Joseph McFadden and George Buxton, developers of the Burlingame Tract, and William Henry Wheeler, supervising architect for many of the early homes.

The book is  at the following locations:

The Book Catapult, 3010 Juniper Street, Suite B, San Diego, CA 92104