North Park Dryden Historic District

One of the North Park Historical Society’s most significant accomplishments is the approval by the City’s Historical Resources Board of the North Park Dryden Historic District. The Dryden District consists of a six-block area of distinctive homes along 28th Street and Pershing Avenue between Upas and Landis Streets. The district consists of 136 homes of which more than 100 homes contribute to the historic nature of the District. The Historical Resources Board approved the designation of the Dryden District on June 23, 2011. The approval marked the culmination of a formal effort lasting over 4 years and an informal process going back almost 20 years. The District is a mixture of homes ranging from late Victorian to Craftsman, Spanish Revival and early California Ranch style homes. The period of historic significance for the District extends from 1912 to 1941. The District was named after master builder David Owen Dryden because the District contains the largest concentration of his homes in San Diego. The 20 homes credited to David Owen Dryden exhibit some of the best examples of his work. The District also contains 15 homes built by Edward F. Bryans, who was one of the most prolific and versatile builders in San Diego. Although Bryans has long been recognized for his work, he was not on the City’s list of designated Master Builders. As part of the District nomination process, the North Park Historical Society was able to achieve inclusion of Edward F. Bryans on the list of Master Builders.

The draft documents for the District nomination that were submitted to the Historical Resources Board in 2009 as part of supplemental material requested by staff, including a supplemental Statement of Significance, Boundary Justification, and nomination of Edward F. Bryans to be listed as a Master Builder, are provided below.