NPHS Offers Free Mills Act Advisory Service

NPHS Offers Free Historical Resource/Mills Act Advisory Service:

Many owners of older or architecturally unique residential and commercial properties in North Park wonder if their properties could qualify as a significant historical resource (“landmark”), and if they could then reduce their property taxes under the Mills Act. The North Park Historical Society (NPHS) is offering a free advisory service for Greater North Park property owners who are interested in pursuing City of San Diego historical resource designation for their property with or without a subsequent Mills Act application.

  • For an initial evaluation as to your property’s potential of being designated a significant historical resource by the City of San Diego, e-mail your North Park address along with exterior photos of the property as viewed from the sidewalk to
  • NPHS members with experience in reviewing the historic quality of structures under City of San Diego criteria will evaluate the potential significance of the structure.
  • Upon completing the evaluation, NPHS findings will be sent to you via e-mail. Properties believed to be potentially historically significant will also receive a copy of “Historical Resource/Mills Act Guidelines Compiled by the North Park Historical Society” which is meant to help owners understand the requirements and costs in obtaining historical resource designation and Mills Act status.
  • Should an owner have questions after receiving our findings and “Historical Resource/Mills Act Guidelines Compiled by the North Park Historical Society,” a meeting with NPHS volunteers can be requested by contacting

To access a pdf of this summary please click on the following link:

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