NPHS Walking Tours

The North Park Historical Society (NPHS) regularly gives walking tours of different parts of North Park including the commercial core of North Park centered around 30th and University as well as tours of the Burlingame Historical District, the Hamilton Street area near the North Park Recreation Center and the North Park Dryden Historic District. Tours of the Commerical area, the Hamilton Street Tour and the North Park Dryden Historic District include a walking tour brochure. NPHS also conducts tours of the Morley Field Recreation Area of Balboa Park. Those tours cost $10 a person while the tour of Burlingame which does not include a brochure cost $5 per person. There is no set fee for the Morley Field tour but donations are accepted. NPHS also conducts tours for small groups or educational groups upon request. Contact NPHS for more information on setting up such a tour.